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Here is a message from President Miyazaki of Mitsuwa Electric, renowned for tungsten processing, tungsten electrode manufacturing and other microfabrication technologies.

Message from President

President: Hiroshi Miyazaki
President: Hiroshi Miyazaki

‘‘Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the driving force of the Japanese economy and central players in society’’, as emphasized in the preface of Small and Medium Enterprise Charter being approved by the Cabinet Meeting dated 16th June, 2010. On the other hand, ‘‘unless we change our society so that it may encourage people to redouble their efforts to start up businesses, to develop new businesses, and to make full use of creativeness and ingenuity, we will fall into a grave situation in the future. The Government hereby declares that it greatly expects leadership by SMEs in implementing change, and that it strengthens its determination to endeavor to the realization of an economic society that enables SMEs to resolutely challenge’’ as mentioned in the conclusion.

The traditional lighting industry, which used to be our main business, is getting into the growth and expansion of new light sources such as LED and organic EL with the perspective of energy saving and eco-friendly. The business environment becomes increasingly severe and we sense a crisis of ‘‘No revolution, No tomorrow’’. To be a company truly needed by the society, we aim for regrowth and thus the management philosophy and the management mission were reviewed as below.

Management Philosophy

A Common Goal To pursue the joy of MONOZUKURI (manufacturing with craftsmanship) and a fulfilling life To co-create new values for a wide-ranged social contribution

Management Vision

A Global Niche-top manufacturer of core components for lighting, medical and industrial applications

Celebrating our 81st anniversary in business this year, we take 2014 as “the second foundation year” for managerial innovation. Start with the slogan of ‘‘5S (seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke) is the first step toward a fulfilling life’’, the whole staff are devoted to the 5S activities, with the aim for efficiency improvement in each production department and indirect department, as well as changes in the management culture. It is our goal to form a robust corporate structure in order to survive in any business environment as well as to pursue a fulfilling life for all employees. At the same time, we aim to be a close partner for our customers for technical development support, so as to co-create new values and contribute to the quality improvement in social living.


January, 2014
Mitsuwa Electric Co., Ltd.
President Yuji Miyazaki

For tungsten processing, tungsten electrodes and other microfabrication technologies
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