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Processed parts

Supporting industries through electronic parts, vacuum parts, and tungsten processing.

We make wire processed parts made of refractory metals such as tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, and titanium. Feel free to consult us for selection of materials for coated wires of various kinds, such as gold-plated wire and platinum clad wire, and terminal processing according to the configuration and use. Orders in small quantities are also acceptable.

Terminal processed parts

Corona Wiress (corona wires with terminals)
Corona Wiress are used in many different home appliances, including copying machines, printers, air cleaners, dust collectors, and minus ion generators.
At Mitsuwa, we introduce fully automated machines in production to conduct 100% inspection of overall length and perform terminal welding of tungsten wires of various kinds.

Sizes that can be produced:

Wire type (tungsten)

White (chemical) wires, gold plated wires, platinum clad wires, mirror finish wires, and the foregoing wires with oxidized surface

Wire diameter

30 to 100μm

Overall length

220 to 540mm

For tungsten processing, tungsten electrodes and other microfabrication technologies
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